Castle Nathria Cleared


Ladies and Gentlemen, congratulations on your first full clear of Castle Nathria. I have to say that I was a little shocked to see it happen the first week back from a 2 week holiday, but I’m certainly not upset by it at all. Lets keep up the good work and make sure that our lovely Bewbkiin starts taking a shot on every boss pull from here on out.

As discussed last night post raid, we will be beginning scheduled Mythic + runs starting next Wednesday. Please make sure you have the Astral Keys addon and start utilizing the Jeeves bot in the bots channel of Discord. If for whatever reason you can’t make the time you are scheduled, you need to reach out to me quickly so I can find a replacement and ensure that group completes a key for the week. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

As we also discussed, Iron Knights is currently looking for exceptional players to fill healing, tank, and ranged dps roles. If you know someone who fits this description, can take constructive criticism, and can survive in an adult oriented environment, please invite them to Discord and introduce us or have them add my battle tag at Emrys#1539.  Our current information and recruiting needs can be viewed below.



Are you tired of guild hopping through World of Warcraft?

Has your definition of what a guild should be changed since the day when you joined your first guild in Vanilla? Does smashing pixels, while a priority for you, not mean as much as the people you’re smashing them with? Are you looking for that elusive guild family that will accept your dirty memes, vulgar language, crass humor, and support you through real life events and real life occurrences? We just might be the guild for you!

Iron Knights is an adult-only, casual/semi-hardcore raiding guild on the Tichondrius (PVP-PST) server. We are currently in search of a few quality raiders, and we are always in search of quality guildies who have little interest in raiding but want to be a part of a tight-knit WoW family.

Our guild was formed in 2008 during the Burning Crusade expansion, with many core raiders having WoW experience dating back to release. Most of our raiders have families and jobs and we have quite a few couples in guild. Our goal is to stay current on Heroic progression (AoTC) while working around real life and having fun together in WoW, across other games, and at our annual “real life” guild party.


Castle Nathria: 10/10N

Raid Times: Tuesday / Thursday from 9:00-Midnight EST (6:00-9:00 server)

What we are looking for in a raider:

Thick skinned players who aren’t easily offended by crass/off-color humor.
Dedicated individuals with great raid-awareness.
Great players with great attitudes and a great sense of humor who are tired of guild hopping and want to find a forever home.

What makes us different than many other raiding guilds:

Longevity: We’ve been around since TBC with much of the same leadership in place.

Ability: We’ve cleared heroic mode each tier since The Burning Crusade.

Understanding: Most of our guild is either in college or working adults with families. We understand real life schedules and family situations.

Relaxed Atmosphere: Due to the flexibility of current raiding, our attendance policy has relaxed allowing players to care for their real life obligations without the strict repercussions found in more hardcore guilds.

Lifetime Friendships: For the last 10 years Iron Knights has been holding a yearly guild party in the central United States. Every year between 10-20 guild members converge on our chosen point for a weekend of gaming, food, and fun during the summer and often times again at Halloween. If you’re looking for a guild that treats their own like family, look no further.

Priority raid needs:

Healers: Discipline Priest – Holy Priest – Mistweaver Monk
Ranged: Balance Druid – Elemental Shaman – Fire Mage
Melee DPS: Closed
Tank: Protection Paladin – Guardian Druid

We will consider all quality applicants, so if you feel that you would be a good fit for us (raider or non-raider), do not hesitate to contact an officer to schedule a Discord interview, add our battle tags, or apply on our guild forums.

Contact Info:

Emrys#1539 – Keilanaa#1839 – Azul#1414