Emerald Nightmare


The highly anticipated Emerald Nightmare raid released on the 20th of September and it did not disappoint.  The artwork was beautiful, the bosses steeped in Warcraft lore, and the fights were well executed.  I was very pleased to see this after my questing experience in several of the zones.

“Upon him I will visit famine and a fire,
Till all around him desolation rings
And all the demons in the outer dark
Look on amazed and recognize
That vengeance is the business of a man.”
― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind

With the Val’Sharah cinematic death of the beloved Ysera still fresh in the minds of every raider and lore junkie on World of Warcraft, you can expect guilds all over the world to crush Xavius with a vengeance not seen since the time of Arthas Menethil.  Due to the dedication and readiness of the Iron Knights raid team, I am pleased to say that we were one of the many world-wide groups to deliver the blow of retribution to the final boss of this raid zone.  Current progression at the end of week 2 is 2/7 Heroic and continuing forward.  Not too shabby for a casually oriented guild.  Good job raiders, keep it up.