So I’ve heard that today is Enigmatical’s birthday?  Happy 21st Birthday Enigmatical!  Our other notable birthdays of the month are Ms. Lethe and Ms. Kaylanaa.  Lethe turns 21 on February 24th and Kaylanaa turns 21 at the end of the month on Fabruary 27th.  Lets help these girls enjoy the month by kicking ass and chewing bubble gum in mythic Hellfire Citadel this week.

Valentines Day is almost upon us.  Break out those credit cards boys, its time to start looking for that perfect stuffed animal and the right heart shaped box of flowers.  Remember, jewelry is always a viable option if all else fails!  A diamond is a girl’s best friend.  This month has also spawned an outcry for a certain calendar hero due to either his popularity or the similarities in his name.  Who knows?  What I do know is, it’s unwise to argue with the ladies during the month of love.

Mr. Fabruary

Please see the monthly calendar post for this spread.