Fall has arrived


Well folks it looks like fall has arrived.  The stores are starting to carry apple cider, the leaves are starting to change colors, and every basic white girl in America is drooling over pumpkin spice again.  There are 2 things that come with this season that we have to remember to be thankful for come Thanksgiving. The first is leggings / yoga pants, and the 2nd is the best holiday of the year, Halloween.  Speaking of Halloween, if you haven’t yet sent an RSVP to Dayar in regards to the Halloween party, I suggest doing so.  This year’s lineup looks to be pretty stellar thus far.


Attendees Include:

Puntnig – Starboiz – ATV – Amirasidhe – Keilanaa – Emrys – Bindle – Vaerbear – Blossom – Chesshirecat – Tweetle – Dayar


See Steve in Discord for details, airport pickup information, and reservations for your stay today!