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For information on how to register for forum access and create a new application thread, click hereOnce you have submitted your new application thread, the application will be reviewed by the Officers of Iron Knights. Please be sure to check back frequently to ask questions or to answer questions the Officers may ask you about your application. 


If you do not wish to fill out a website application, we may consider doing a VoIP interview on our Ventrilo server. If you have further questions, please contact an officer in game.

Please use the following template when you apply.  

First name & age (minimum of 18 years old):
Character Name:
Armory Link:
Character Class, Race, Spec & Offspec:
Are you willing to respec according to raid needs?
Leave a dps / healing parse. Recount is acceptable:
List all raid experience (List any major raid specific achievements):
Please list your average rotation/priority for a given boss encounter:
What are some things you think separates good raiders from bad raiders?
Do you have a stable internet connection?
List your computer's specifications: (Please include processor speed, installed memory, and your video card specifications):
We raid Tue, Weds, Thurs from 9:00pm to Midnight Eastern Time. Are you able to make all three nights in full and consistently?
Iron Knights operates a loot council distribution system. During your first 2 weeks in guild as a probationary member you will NOT be eligible to roll for loot unless it would be otherwise disenchanted. Do you understand the above mentioned system?
How did you hear about Iron Knights:
Leave your Battle Tag so officers may contact you:


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