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  2. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    December 2018 Well ladies and gentlemen, the calendar finally comes to a close. I’m the MVP this month by nomination; apparently the guys think I put in a ton of work or something crazy like that and thought ending the calendar this way would be a good idea. Instead of talking about myself I’d rather thank all of you for the years you’ve been here, the hard work you’ve put in to keep this guild moving forward, and all enduring all of the bullshit that’s come at us over the years. I couldn’t ask for a better set of friends. Emrys / Calyx
  3. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    November 2018 This month we celebrate the long commitment of one of our guild masters. Keilanaa celebrates her 7th year with Iron Knights this year and has spent that time catering to the needs of the friends around her. Keilanaa is kind, caring, and a loving young lady. She is an avid animal lover, a fierce gamer, and a dear friend to anyone who would have her. Keilanaa is joined in her calendar spread by 2 of her dearest friends Amirasidhe and Starboiz. Ladies and Gentlemen, give it up for Keilanaa! Featuring the Jiggle Butt Gang.
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