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  2. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    October 2018 This month’s pinup hasn’t graced the calendar in over a year, but this October she’s back and her spot this month is well deserved. Without her expertise our guild bank would be broke, our raiders would be eating their own food, using their own flasks, drinking their own potions, and paying for their own repairs. Her willingness to volunteer in helping other raiders, her charity to other members in the way of mats or enchants, and her overall selflessness have earned her not only a promotion, but several nominations to this month’s calendar. Congratulations Ms. October! Toots
  3. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    September 2018 Dedication, loyalty, perseverance. These are the qualities I would use to describe this month’s calendar MVP. For over 10 years he has shown an unwavering loyalty to our guild, an unrivaled dedication to his chosen class, and the perseverance to strive for improvement when the chips were down. He has been here to see our guild born, see us stagger, and see us push forward after every bump in the road. His vast improvements over the past month has propelled him upward on our damage meters into the group of ranking dps and earned him this month’s nomination. Iron Knights would like to thank you for your near 10 years of service: Welcome back, Kainslayer!
  4. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    August 2018 It’s exceptionally hard to find the perfect mix of raging asshole and wonderful, caring person in a human being. Luckily that person arrived on the doorstep of Iron Knights in Wrath of the Lich King and has remained an active presence in the guild ever since. He’s flexed that throbbing dick of a personality when it’s been necessary, while at the same time showing his softer side when friends are in need. He’s opened his heart to members around him, donated time and money to baby showers, surgeries, and other various fundraisers that the guild has held over the years. If all of our members had the heart and dedication of Mr. August, we’d never need to recruit again. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Mr. August 2018 Dayar / Nosferetu
  5. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    July 2018 On 10 November 1775 the Second Continental Congress established by decree, the Continental Marines. When the Revolutionary War ended, the Continental Navy along with the Marines were disestablished and stayed as such until 11 July 1798 when the act of establishing and organizing the United States Marine Corps was signed by President John Adams. For 243 years the United States Marine Corps has stood as one of America’s first lines of defense. They have been active in every major engagement from the Pacific theater in World War 2 to Operation Enduring Freedom. Marines, like our other branches, symbolize America’s strength, honor, and her resolve. It’s been tradition for several years now to celebrate the month of America’s independence by highlighting a veteran of our armed forces and this year is no different. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for this year’s Mr. July. Sergeant Wulfie: United States Marine Corps
  6. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    June 2018 Puntardlier This month’s MVP has solidified his spot with his 4th guild party attendance and his first attendance without vomiting profusely. It’s hard not to laugh around Punt with his shock and awe attitude, morbid sense of humor, and tendency to fuck random chickens when he sees them. Here’s to your 4th party Puntardlier, we hope to see our pedophile priest at Halloween.
  7. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    May 2018 This month we pay respect to those longstanding active members that have stood the test of time from our birth in the Burning Crusade to the present day. 10 years is a long time to stick with the same group of friends and it’s an even larger feat to stick with the same guild in World of Warcraft for that period of time. I’d like to thank each of the members below for 10 years of dedicated service with Iron Knights. Iron Knights is a home for people that are looking to connect with the people they play with and you are the foundation of that home. Skuggs: Skuggs joined Iron Knights in late may of 2008 as a Hunter and quickly rose to become one of our best players. Skuggs is a world class player that excels on any character that he puts his mind to. Thank you for sticking it out Skuggs, you’re one of the people that has kept us moving forward over the last decade. Kainslayer: Kainslayer, a long time friend of Amirasidhe, joined us in May of 2008. Kain has rode the Iron Knights train faithfully for the past 10 years as a Beastmastery Hunter and a friend. Amirasidhe: Amirasidhe was a charter member of Iron Knights and has spent the last 10 years in various officer positions. She's served as our Co Guild Master, our Recruiting Officer, and our Treasurer over the course of the past decade. She has also been the hostess and one of the cooks for every guild party since the idea's inception. She is the administrator of the Wednesday night anime club and the Dungeon Master of the Saturday Dungeons & Dragons game.
  8. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    April 2018 It’s April ladies and gentlemen and that means the temperature is starting to rise. There are a whole list of things you can do when the temperature starts to rise. You can wash your car, go hiking and enjoy the nature around you, or you can join the crew of Iron Knights in summing our local firefighter. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr. April 2018. He’s hot, he’s handy, he’s a fuckin dandy. Exodusium
  9. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    Ms. March The month of March is the beginning of spring for most of the nation and there is no one better suited to guide us from the frigid winter into the warmth of spring than a master of ice and fire. March’s master magi has only been with us for a few months, but it’s been long enough for us to start hammering away at her cold exterior to find the warmth inside. She’s friendly, she’s helpful, she’s dedicated, and she’s yet to miss a raid in the 4 months that she’s been with us. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Ms. March 2018 Irinnei
  10. Iron Knights 2018 MVP

    Ms. February This month’s MVP hasn’t been featured on the website in nearly 2 years, but everyone still knows her name. Ms. February is a charter member, the guild mother, and your guild party hostess. Over the years, she has gone out of her way over the last year to ensure that members of the guild have plenty of extra activities outside of World of Warcraft to occupy their free time. She’s created and maintained a Final Fantasy Free Company for members of the guild, she hosts the weekly Wednesday night anime club showing, she is the Dungeon Master of the Saturday night Dungeons & Dragons game, and she plans the activities of the guild party every year. Ladies and Gentlemen of Iron Knights, I give you February’s MVP. Amirasidhe
  11. Mr. January This 1 year anniversary of this months’ MVP is fast approaching and coincides with the guild’s 10 year anniversary. Originally joining the guild as a Mage and finally finding his niche as a Holy Paladin, Mr. January has settled in nicely as part of the Iron Knights family. His likable demeanor, his sense of humor, and his quick wit leave us hoping that this is the last home he’ll ever search for. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Mr. January 2018. Captain obvious himself. Vaerinis
  12. Iron Knights 2017 MVP

    December 2017 This month's heart throb was hand picked because of her freshness not only to the guild, but to the raiding scene entirely. She's still quiet and shy but she has that itch, that drive, that hunger, and that feeling of awe that we all shared at one point or another when we joined our first major guild and grew into a raider. I'm extremely proud to see the openness that the people around her have displayed since she's joined, her determination to gain more knowledge and better herself, and her progress as a player. I look forward to seeing what you make out of your time in our home and to finally meeting you at next year's guild party. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Iron Knights' most popular new addition. Puntardlier's lady on the streets and freak in the sheets. Iron Knights' Ms. December 2017 Starboiz
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