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Recruitment Forum Suggestion

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I had a thought (scary... I know) that it might be better to move the "Accepted" and "Rejected" application sub-forums and make them a sub-forum of the Officer forums. That way, discussion on the recruit or potential recruit - once a decision is made regarding their application (accept/deny) - can continue in a private manner. This would be especially helpful when a recruit is going through their two week probationary period, as well as when we're digging through old applications to reconsider them. 


It just seems unnecessary to have those forums out there for everyone to see, for all time, if that makes any sense at all. If someone is accepted or rejected, they likely know from in-game correspondence anyway, they're not going to come to the forums to "find out their fate." I see the purpose of the forums as a private officer file system. This way, we can also create threads for Ventrilo/in-game applicants to discuss how the probationary period is going for them, as well. This will also eliminate Officer forum clutter.


Just a thought. Thanks for all the hard work on the website, 'tis appreciated!

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