Guild Party 2017


Iron Knights 2017 Halloween Party:

Thank you to everyone who attended the Iron Knights Halloween Party.


Emrys (Jon Snow) – Titan (Ghost) – Amirasidhe (Daenerys Targaryan) – Puntardlier (Pedophile Priest) – Ikazulk (Templar Knight) – Bewbkiin (Mara Jade) – Osymandias (Hulk Hogan) – Exodusium


















Iron Knights 2017 Guild Party:

Thank you to all that were in attendance for this year’s guild party.  Special thanks to Drenadelle and Bewbkiin for all the hard work in preparing and hosting this affair.


Emrys – Drenadelle – Bewbkiin – Ikazulk – Puntardlier – Apollus – Osymandias – Impocalypse – Dirty

Fur Babies:

Titan – Laxus – Willow – Hades