Guild Party 2018


The guild party has come and gone.  With 10 members this year it makes our third largest guild party on record which I’m aiming to beat in 2019. Members began pouring in with Dayar on Wednesday, Puntardlier, Starboiz, Exodusium and Vaerinis on Thursday, Tweetle on Friday, and finally Dirty on Saturday.


Thursday we decided to start the party off right so we convinced the staff at a restaurant that it was Starboiz’s birthday, knowing full well that the birthday girl not only gets a shot of tequila, but a cream pie to the face.  Friday was filled with drinking, Cards Against Humanity, and the regaling of guild adventures long past.  Saturday morning was the first full day that everyone was present and we spent it at the local indoor gun range where we introduced Tweetle, Starboiz, and Punt to the joy of destroying paper targets to de-stress.


Unfortunately after 4 days of rain the yard looked like a jungle and the bugs were out en masse so it put an end to the bonfire plans but that didn’t stop the yearly grillathon. Hot dogs, sausages, brats, chipotle chicken, garlic chicken, and hamburgers for everyone with sauerkraut, bean dip, hobo potatoes, and potato salad as sides.  Dinner was followed up by copious amounts of liquor and of course Dungeons & Dragons.


To add a little flare to our Dungeons and Dragons game, we opted to create a new game rule.  Anyone rolling a natural 20 or a natural 1 was forced to take a shot from the guild “drinking horn” which happened to be a purple cock shaped vibrator sleeve.  In the morning our hostesses Keilanaa and Amirasidhe put their kitchen specs to good use by curing our hangovers with apple pancakes, cinnamon rolls, eggs, and bacon.


Pictures of the weekend events are available in the Guild Party 2018 section.  I’d like to thank the following participants of this year’s guild party and I do hope to see you all at either Halloween or again next year.



Emrys – Amirasidhe – Keilanaa – Exodusium – Dirty – Dayar – Tweetle – Starboiz – Puntardlier – Vaerinis