Happy Halloween


Ladies and gentlemen, we are on our way to Halloween.  This has to be my favorite holiday by far.  Corn mazes, haunted houses, horror marathons, and it is the single month each year that women can dress provocatively without fear of being labelled a slut.  This year we’ve decided to echo our very first guild party by holding an Iron Knights Halloween party.   On the weekend of October 27th – 29th, members will converge on Southwestern Indiana to enjoy a festive weekend of bonfires, liquor, and haunted house entertainment.  Thus far the party is shaping up to be Emrys – Bewbkiin – Drenadelle – Ikazulk – Blighthorn – Puntardlier – Osymandias.  I encourage anyone wishing to attend to RSVP with Emrys or Bewbkiin at your earliest convenience.   Let’s make sure this is a Halloween to remember!