Happy New Year 2016


Another year comes and goes.  Time flies when you’re having fun I’m told.  Changes are coming with the turn of the new year.  Recruiting is open for all ranged classes and we’re preparing for a push into mythic modes before the lunch of Blizzard’s next epic adventure; World of Warcraft Legion.  I’d like to welcome Enigmatical back to the officer’s roster and our newest addition Myzx.  These young ladies will be handling recruiting from here on out and hopefully we’ll see some new talent with them at the helm.

So the Girls of Iron Knights Calendar was a pretty big hit with most of the girls.  The ladies however don’t see it as quite fair with the amount of men that we have in the guild as well.  At the behest of some of the ladies, we’ll be starting up the Men of Iron Knights Calendar for their viewing pleasure.  This month however features a special guest.  A friend who I believe deserves his own section instead of being packed in here with the rest of the news, so I’m going to force you to actually visit his section for this month’s calendar update.