Happy Thanksgiving


Another fall season gives way to winter and the year long wait for Halloween begins again.  With the dawn of November we welcome a few new raiders to our family.  Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Darklordbert, Kalerea, Pagan, and Alchemeia. May your stay with us be long and lots of fun.  The last few raids have been promising as the guild has progressed through Zul Reborn and Mythrax to see a few sub 2% wipes on G’huun.  This week is the week boys and girls, the week he goes down for the final time.  Gear up, get your enchants, bring your potions, and lets put Uldir to bed.

In other news, the MVP calendar is drawing to a close.  Next year we will be showcasing all of our furry family and friends with the Pets of Iron Knights calendar.  Pets will be taken in the order they are received so get those fur babies in to me before January!