Happy Thanksgiving


It’s that time of year again where we give thanks for the lives and friends that we have.  This year I think I’m going to give thanks to Blizzard for the solid year they’re slapping between the release of final tiers and the next expansion.  No raiding guild what so ever is going to spend a full year active in Hellfire Citadel and no item upgrade from valor is going to change that.

You guys really need to get your shit together.


Ms. November

This month’s tenacious temptress comes armed with every man’s kryptonite, fiery red hair.  This master magi is a delicate balance of fire and ice. The perfect ginger snap to gently guide you from the warm and welcoming days of summer, back into the delightful hands of the winter months.  Our battle mage craves for the euphoric release of the ice flows, but be weary as not just any ice lance can fill this thermal void.  Her beautiful brown eyes look up at her prey with desire as her flirtatious fingers of frost wrap gently around the shaft of her chosen wand.   Ms November massages the frozen orbs with blazing speed in her thirst for the incanter’s flow,  but is always careful not to leave herself with a bad case of frost jaw.

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to our steamy conjurer of desire.

The Battle Mage of Iron Knights.


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