Happy Valentine’s Day


Crack open those wallets boys, it’s the season of love and your lady needs something special.

I’d like to congratulate both Bewbkiin and Amirasidhe on your upward employment moves. You ladies are intelligent, skilled, and dedicated workers. You both deserve to be paid what you’re worth and I’m glad to see the both of you going after what you want. I’d also like to wish a Happy Birthday to both Enigmatical and Blighthorn. You’ve both been around for several years and having you in the raid is always a pleasure. I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you both.

Iron Knights has moved to 8/11 Heroic Antorus. We are currently looking for a Resto Shaman and a Rogue who can pull their own weight. If you play one of these classes, if you’re good at it, and if you’d like to enjoy your raiding time with a group of friends that are close enough to be family, seek out Enigmatical, Emrys, or Bewbkiin on Tichondrius and inquire today.