Hellfire Citadel


Long gone are the days when tanks were skilled, healers worried about over healing and mana conservation, and boss fights were more than 2-3 phases of mechanics that you merely had to memorize.  Then from the ashes rises the phoenix and with it, a glimmer of hope and a well of memories from the past.  Hellfire Citadel and with it Timewalking ladies and gentlemen.  The ability again to enjoy dungeons that took skill and were drenched in the lore that makes World of Warcraft.  Shattered Halls, Arcatraz, the Slave Pens, and many many more.  Perched at the pinnacle of Hellfire Citadel stands an enemy of the past.  Archimonde, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion.  Do you have what it takes to face Archimonde in single combat again?  I know I do.

Ms. June

The month of June turns up the heat, and so it’s time we do the same.

Move on over Cersei, this month’s royal princess isn’t afraid to pay her debts.  As one of the recruiting officers for the guild, she knows better than anyone that Impin ain’t easy.  This sultry sovereign is the first point of defense in our battle to plug the recruiting holes.  From her perch on the Iron Throne, this busty beauty reaches out to prospective members through the mail or on the forums, luring them to apply with her siren’s song.  Whether she’s matching wits with the Imp, or doing battle with the Kingslayer, her unwavering voice is the first to offer welcome to anyone visiting King’s Landing.

Iron Knights is pleased to give you this month’s calendar girl.  A woman who’s clawed her way from “Fuckin New Guy” status to the recruiting officer of the guild and part of the family in record time.

The sultry sovereign of King’s Landing, the seductive sage of recruitment,  the captivating conjurer Amethyste!