January 2017


As stated in the news post, this year’s calendar is going to be different.  This year we’re going to celebrate each month’s Most Valuable Player regardless of sex or previous calendar posts.  This month is my own personal nomination, our Co Guild Master Mirajayne.  Thank you for your time and dedication Mira, these last 6 years have been a gift.

Mira will be celebrating her 6th year with Iron Knights this year and has worn many hats during that time.  She started like everyone else as a random new member and grew into one of our longest standing and most successful recruiting officers.  With the retirement of Raystlynn and Lovelyelf, she has finally finished climbing the ladder to a leadership position within the guild.  Mira is a kind, caring, and loving young lady.  An avid animal lover, a fierce gamer, and a dear friend to anyone who would have her.

As an evolving force within the guild and a former calendar queen, Mira has gone through several iterations over the years.  Below are some of the very best ranked from newest to oldest.