July 2018


On 10 November 1775 the Second Continental Congress established by decree, the Continental Marines.  When the Revolutionary War ended, the Continental Navy along with the Marines were disestablished and stayed as such until 11 July 1798 when the act of establishing and organizing the United States Marine Corps was signed by President John Adams.  For 243 years the United States Marine Corps has stood as one of America’s first lines of defense.  They have been active in every major engagement from the Pacific theater in World War 2 to Operation Enduring Freedom.  Marines, like our other branches, symbolize America’s strength, honor, and her resolve.

It’s been tradition for several years now to celebrate the month of America’s independence by highlighting a veteran of our armed forces and this year is no different.  Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for this year’s Mr. July.

Sergeant Wulfie: United States Marine Corps