You really can’t beat fall in the mid-west.   The leaves are turning colors, pumpkins are sprouting in their patches, and every white girl is now on the hunt for everything pumpkin spice while clad in furry boots and yoga pants.  The beginning of fall also marks our Ahead of the Curve milestone for Kil’Jaeden.  I’d like to thank the people that stuck it through and wiped on him time and time again before we got everything down.  I look forward to passing this achievement around the guild before the next raid tier.

In other news, Hurricane Harvey hit southern Louisiana and Texas pretty hard.  We have a few guild members in that area and we’re happy to say that they’re safe.  The devastation wrought by this storm is immeasurable and regardless of my own political stances, I can’t stress often enough that now is not a time for partisanship.  Regardless of your beliefs, the people of Texas and Louisiana need our help.  If you can afford to live comfortably, then you can afford to find a local charity in that area and help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.