May 2015


For thousands of years the Chrysanthemum has symbolized nobility, life, strength, and beauty.  Cultures across the world have buried their dead with it, used it’s likeness as a noble seal, and even created and sat on thrones made of this delicate and beautiful flower.  Those with access to the guild’s real life picture thread will surely vouch that this month’s shining star certainly doesn’t get the short end of the stick on beauty, but despite the looks on the outside, her true beauty shines from within.

In 2009 one of our healers introduced me to a friend of his in an attempt to add another experienced dps to our roster and at his behest, I interviewed her.  She was young, she hadn’t been playing very long, and she was arrogant.  I was not overly impressed at the time to say the least, but I gave her a shot anyway.  I had no idea that the young lady that I was speaking to would later grow into not only the longest standing Co Guild Master of Iron Knights, but also someone I could put my absolute trust in.

For 6 years this young lady’s heart has beat to a rhythm of friendship and camaraderie.  Forged in dragon’s fire, her incorruptible heart resounds forth an unshakable profession of commitment, perseverance, and family.  With lasting resolve she has helped to drive this guild forward through some of it’s darkest trials, even carrying me through sheer force of will when I could take no more.  Throughout the years she has epitomized loyalty with her unwavering faith in her friends, her guild mates, and myself despite numerous offers elsewhere.  Unyielding, she has stood as a sentinel of Iron Knights, a defender of her friends, and a custodian of our guild’s way of life.  A resolute guardian watching over you, ensuring that you will never stand alone.

To me personally she has been a light in dark places when all other lights have gone out.  A well from which to draw perpetual strength, a sage to draw unending wisdom, and a brace for times when I can go no further.  She’s stayed my hand when I’ve been too strict, helped me to see the bright side of things when all things were covered in darkness, and she’s been there to pick me up when I’ve fallen.  She taught me that no one is beyond redemption, and no one is unworthy of forgiveness.  She’s been a good friend to Amira for many years and went out of her way to call and congratulate us both on our upcoming wedding.

It is my great honor to give you this month’s calendar girl.  A woman who’s character can not be questioned, an architect of today’s Iron Knights, my best friend, Krissy.