October 2016


October has to be my favorite month out of the year.  The fields are being harvested, apple cider is in season, the leaves are changing colors, and it’s time for Halloween.  At the behest of several guild members, I’ve been thrown into the calendar mix.  Photoshopping my own avatar is cake, I’ve done several over the years and they’ve turned out great.  What I haven’t done and couldn’t manage to pull off was writing the description.  Thankfully I’m not the only orator in the guild, so I’ve outsourced this job to Dayar.  Below you’ll find his take on this month’s pin up.  Thank you for the kind words old friend.

“It’s that time again, and with the October update we’re bringing you something special. No group like Iron Knights would be able to endure as long as we have without a keystone, a fulcrum, a captain of the ship as it were.  Our very own lodestone is not only one of the first people to provide support in getting people geared (or re-geared) and prepped for raiding; he’s also our main raid leader, the moderator of this site, and is the one that volunteers his home for the annual drunken shenanigans of the Iron Knights Guild Festival. Newcomers might say he’s a little grumpy, old hats will tell you he’s more of a foul-mouthed teddy bear, but there’s nobody else out there quite like him.

Introducing the first and longest standing member of our guild, the foundation on which Iron Knights and it’s philosophy rests, our Guild Master.”



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