Spring Break!


Finally the weather is beginning to warm up and with it comes a little progression. Last month we saw the launch of Blackrock Foundry and have already managed to mow down half of the heroics inside.

Recruiting and attendance are an issues that every large raiding guild has to deal with. From Method and Paragon all the way down the line, and we’re no exception. All dps classes are currently open for recruiting as we continue to plow through Blackrock Foundry.

We’d like to congratulate Elpis on her recent promotion, although it saddens us that it’s going to interfere with raiding for you. We’re happy to have the pleasure of raiding with you, and hope that we can work something out for you so you can continue calling Iron Knights your home. Congratulations!

With that being said, we are currently in the market for a high calibur Restoration Druid. If you feel feel you are that person, please apply on our website or add Titania or Keilanaa to your realid.

Miss March:
The Ice Queen has finally released us from her seductive icy clutches and given way for warmer days. March embodies natures tranquility and marks the beginning of spring fever. It’s also the time of the year that you’ll find this month’s heart throb on the prowl.

Miss March’s healing touch is renowned for it’s ability to rejuvinate the stamina of every man around her. With a mere dash of her wrist she can grant rebirth to even the limpest of bodies, leaving you as unyielding as the mighty oak. When things begin to get hard like heroic, Miss March is always ready to soothe her comrades.

This month’s heartache, the Master of Euphoria herself, Elpis!