Spring Has Arrived


Sorry for the late update folks.  I’ve spent the last week moving my business from an in house Exchange server to Office 365.  Needless to say, there were some very long days over the past week.

So spring is here!  The storms have started, the temperature has jumped, and I’ve started to see the first hint of green on the trees around here.  Thank god.  I get tired of freezing my balls off on the way to work.  Heroics have also started and we’ve moved to 7/10 in Heroic Nighthold.  If our luck holds, that’ll be 10/10 within the next 2 weeks and we can move this heroic raid to farm status.

I’d like to welcome back one of our Veterans, Metias.  Metias’s computer had taken a shit on him back in December and with a little help from myself and Fixinbrews, he’s back and ready to put foot to ass.  Welcome back buddy, it’s just not Iron Knights without you.