To lose one of your own


Earlier in August I had started my cleaning of the guild list.  It’s something I do on a monthly basis; I clear out members of our friend rank and numerous alts that don’t play any longer.  In the middle of this I came across the name of one of our mages.  Mages never seem to last long in the guild so I was determined not to let another one go regardless of her friend rank status.  I load up Facebook to see her green light on and I head over to her page to see what she’s been up to when I came across something I wasn’t prepared for…  Her obituary.

After a long battle with cancer it was finally too much for her to shoulder and our mage Kierri passed away peacefully in her home on July 3rd of 2015.  I’ve been through a lot of things with this guild.  Weddings, birthdays, graduations, but I have to admit that this is our first death and it’s hard to swallow.  If you would like further information on Kierri’s passing, her obituary, or where to send flowers, please see me in game or post on the forum.



Ms. September

Shrouded in a fog of mysticism; the vast land of China has gifted the world for centuries with exotic food, beautiful women, and the deadliest form of martial art.  The month of September is no different as once again China delivers unto us another tenacious temptress.  The embodiment of harmony; she is a symbol of wisdom, beauty, tranquility, and power.  The Siren of September has been known to resuscitate even the most spent of heroes with her nimble fists of fury.  Her tiger palm gently caressing the shaft of whatever hammer she chooses to wield as her sensuous eyes drive you to envision being wrapped in her life cocoon.  Thank you China for granting us the privilege and pleasure of Ms. September.

The Jade Princess of Iron Knights



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