Twitch Streaming


Happy August everyone and congratulations on Maiden.  Hopefully the luck will hold on Thursday evening and we can push through Avatar and Kil’Jaeden.  First and foremost, I want to apologize for falling behind on the monthly update.  Work has been hell lately and frankly I wasn’t done with this months graphics until this morning.  The dust seems to have settled, so hopefully I can get back on track.

As you may have noticed when you load the website, a new button has been added to the menu.  Our very own Holy Priest Toots is a twitch streamer and I’ve decided to feature her stream on the website so that any interested party can follow along.  The button does load in real time so once Toots begins streaming, it should light up as live.  Unfortunately due to the rated R nature of our ventrilo, she will not be streaming our chat live so she can maintain her status on twitch.  Nevertheless, this should make it a bit easier for players on the alliance side who can’t try out to still get a feel for us by sitting in vent throughout the raid and following along on twitch.