What is a guild?


What is a guild?

In mid June I was approached by a level 12 player in Orgrimmar that posted to me this simple question, and for a moment I found myself at a loss of words.  I began to type out to this player that “a guild is a group of people that band together to raid and progress” when I realized that this is the simple text book answer to a Warcraft guild.  I looked at the roster of our guild and I had to ask myself “is that really what we are?”, and the answer was a swift no.

I realized that over the years we’ve seen Tweetle graduate High School, we’ve seen a portion of the Raystlynn & Anathyma clan enter this world, and I’ve personally witnessed one of my best friends ditch a loser and move on to marry someone who truly loves and cares for her.  I realized that many of you had been here with me to watch mine and Amira’s relationship blossom, with some of you even attending our wedding, you’ve put up with my hectic school and work schedules, and each year a great number of you continue to return to the annual guild party.  I’ve seen members selflessly act to help others with financial issues, computer parts, advice on life and love, and at times even a shoulder to cry on.  Together we’ve found happiness in sharing our lives with others, we’ve felt the loss of good friends and loved ones as they’ve moved beyond Warcraft, we’ve seen dark times and have fought our way through to the light on the other end of the tunnel.  We’ve continued to do it all while upholding an unwavering trust and friendship in each other.

“There are walls that can’t be broken by power alone.  But if there is a power that can break through those walls, its the power of feelings.”

M. Vermillion

I collected myself and began to tell this young person that a guild was a family and that picking the right guild is the single most important decision you can make while playing this game.  When you log in you should be surrounded by brothers and sisters, people who have influenced your life for the better, and people who would move a mountain for you.  A guild is a place the nurtures feelings and promotes growth while caring about the lives of it’s members outside of the game and the community.

I left him there to ponder what I’d said with the hope that someday down the road I’d see his name on our application forum looking for exactly what I’d explained to him.  Now when I interview potential members, “what is a guild?” is one of my first questions.  Regardless of their answer, I explain to them what we are and why we’re really here, then I give them the option to take it or leave it.  This strategy has helped to earn us some wonderful new additions to our family and I’d like to publicly welcome them here today.   Welcome aboard Fixenix and Oswinoswald, I hope your stay here is a long one.