About Us


Iron Knights was born out of necessity in May of 2008 on Gorgonnash-PvP.  After failing to progress with our previous guild due to a lack of leadership, 7 raiders decided to branch out and forge their own path.  The charter members are listed below, 3 of which are still playing today.

Titania – Amirasidhe – Dimise – Turlyn – Tundak – Darling – Tolken


Shortly after, others began to follow suit and the ranks of Iron Knights began to grow.  Under new leadership their progression began to sky rocket to new heights, going from the dungeons of the Karazhan castle to the spires of the Black Temple and Illidan Stormrage himself in under 90 days. Iron Knights was a hardcore guild with hardcore players and hardcore goals.  We continued this progression trend into Wrath of the Lich King, collecting drakes from both Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel and finishing the expansion as the Bane of the Fallen King.

At the close of Wrath of the Lich King the guild had to face a hard truth.  Most of us were grown up at this point.  We had careers, we had families, and we now had the responsibilities that came with leading an adult life.  The guild was full of friends, family, and even several couples at this  point in time.  Going forward with our hardcore mentality regardless of how fun, was simply unrealistic at this point.  We had to make a change.

Cataclysm launched and so did our more casual raiding environment.  Gone were the days of raiding 5 days a week, but the trade off was well worth it.  Progression still came, it just didn’t come at the pace that some of us were used to.  Some people moved on, some retired from the game completely, but others stuck it out and many of them are still here today.

This expansion marked one of the biggest milestones in our history.  Our first guild party.  None of us had ever met outside of the game, but regardless plans were made and we moved forward.  Of our 25 man raid we saw a 14 person turn out for our first annual Iron Knights festival.  We ate, we drank, and all were merry.  Shortly there-after we stitched up the end of Dragon Soul as the Saviors of Azeroth and began the long Deathwing mount farm for the entire raid group.

Mists of Pandaria launched and what did it bring?  Panda bears and pokemon.  By this time we had relaxed into a 3 day a week 3 hour a night schedule.  Those of us long standing members had grown into a family.  By this time we had each other’s phone numbers, we were all on a first name basis, and most of us had met.  We had forged friendships that even a grueling expansion like Mists couldn’t bore out of us.

Progression was moderate and fairly slow.  By the end of the expansion we’d cut lose alot of our dead weight and factored down into a 10 man. The 25 man guilds of Burning Crusde and Wrath of the Lich King were a dying breed and without a name like Paragon or Method, you simply couldn’t recruit.  Siege of Orgrimmar was a year long raid and people were simply tired of not only the tier, but the expansion as a whole.  That’s when the best news came.

Warlord’s was announced and mythic mode could only be completed in a 20 man, raids outside of mythic were flexible from 10-30 people, and LFR tier pieces were no longer the same as your normal raid tier.  We began getting calls from raiders that had retired at the end of Wrath of the Lich King or had moved onto higher progression guilds.  It was as if a trumpet had sounded and raiders were rallying back to their flag.

Warlord’s launched and Iron Knights felt like a house with all of it’s children back home.  We began clearing content on our relaxed 9 hour per week schedule and still holding our own against guilds with a more hardcore mindset and will continue to do so for many expansions to come.

Unless Blizzard Entertainment resurrects and makes Black Temple current progression as they’ve done with other raids in the past, Iron Knights will never be a server first guild.  Iron Knights isn’t about raiding, it’s not about boss kills, and it’s not about progression.  Those things are all great, but at our core it’s simply not what we’re about anymore.

Iron Knights is about paying your $15 a month to do something you enjoy with people you enjoy.  We bend over backwards to help each other, we are there to give the shirt off our own back to those in need, and we’re there for each other when you just need someone to listen.  We are not a gaming group, we are a family.


“There are walls that can’t be broken through power alone. A guild is a place that nurtures feelings.” -M. Vermillion