Happy Halloween


My favorite holiday has finally arrived!  There is nothing better than watching the leaves turn colors as the climate starts to move us towards winter.  Apple cider, pumpkins everywhere, haunted houses, and best of all, costume parties.  Unfortunately we didn’t plan for a guild Halloween party this year, although next year I think I’m going to put it on the schedule.  Happy Halloween everyone!


This October has Iron Knights clearing normal content on a regular basis in less than 2 hours and moving onto 3 heroic bosses in the same night and pushing progression on Thursday.  I’d like to thank Punt, Priandise, and Nosferetu for generously throwing in with me and paying for a year long subscription to Raidbots.  Giving the entire guild the ability to sim themselves, get their stat weights, and sim upgrades instantly is invaluable.  This tool should help raiders recognize their biggest upgrades and crank out numbers that they ordinarily wouldn’t produce thanks to the knowledge base you’ve given them.


Now let’s move on and clear heroic!