September 2016


Over the course of the years we’ve seen a lot of faces come and go.  I remember most of their names, but none as memorable as this month’s playboy.  Mr. September came to us in the end of Wrath as the Lich King story was winding down.  We were selling Kingslayer titles in 10 mans along with several heroic achievements and the only thing our group needed was a bloodlust.  I searched trade for an hour waiting for a Shaman that would volunteer to come in and lust, then simply die and we’d take care of the rest.  Mr. September came into the group and didn’t just rip off that lust, but he managed to stay out of shit and be a helpful part of the group during the fight.  We invited him to stay with us and he’s done so for the last 5 years.

Thank you for years of fun, fond memories, and sly winks Mr. September.


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