Tomb of Sargeras


Tomb of Sargeras has opened and the content is interesting to say the least.  Within 2 weeks of it’s release we have cleared normal with relative ease and have moved to 3/9 heroic mode with Sisters of the Moon reaching low phase 3 numbers.  At the rate we are clearing this raid’s content, mythic mode may be on the horizon.  At the same time we say farewell to Lizzy as he takes a step back to deal with matters of a more personal nature.

For the first time I feel I can say that we’re short in the melee area.  Iron Knights is currently recruiting a Rogue, an Enhance Shaman, a Retribution Paladin, or a Feral Druid.  If you play one of these classes and feel that you’d be a good fit within our tight knit family, please contact one of the following officers and set up a Ventrilo interview.

Guild Master – Emrys#1539

Guild Master – Keilanaa#1839

Recruiting Officer – Ginganinja#1634

The guild party went off without an issue.  I’d like to personally thank everyone in attendance for making the trek, I know it’s not easy getting time off sometimes.  Those in attendance enjoyed 4 days of non stop partying and delicious meals compliments of our hostesses Bewbkiin and Drenadelle.  Thank you for your hard work ladies.  Those in attendance for 2017 are listed below.

Emrys – Drenadelle – Bewbkiin – Ikazulk – Puntardlier – Apollus – Osymandias – Impocalypse – Dirty